Research, strategy definition, concept devolopment

A bestseller product usually comes from a focused market survey, a steady control of the company trend and from keeping an eye on competitors. The first step to take consists in having a briefing with the client, in order to define all the aims to be achieved. Here hence, it stands the research of  the best-suitable materials and technologies for the product realization.

- Briefing

- Materials and technologies research

- Market & Target Mapping

- Brand Analisys

- Target Definition

Concept development & product design

Our industrial design concept is based on the project, the company and the reference market as to built an idea, that will be the leitmotiv for the whole ensemble. Behind this idea our designers will produce the first sketches, they will later elaborate them on computers and will at the end define all the necessary details to create 3D models.

- Mood Panel

- Concept

- Sketches

- Brand Analisys

- Target Definition

VAN FORD E350 Super duty.
Smart bracelet line - Client: Anytum inc. Shanghai - China

Producer : FLONAL

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61032 Fano (PU) - Italy-

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