Style, design and engineering in a single company

PFA & Partners srl is an engineering and design office working inside the naval and industrial sector, which assisting the client in every step of the production field, it aims to transform ideas into works of quality. Trusted partner for Shipyards and Private Clients all over the world, it boasts the realization of several crafts' interior design development.

The Company, located in Fano (Italy), was founded by Aldo Ferraro and Bruno Ricciardelli as the  natural evolution of their own activities:


Aldo Ferraro, owner of the Engineering and Design Ferraro Business, with a technical and esthetical know-how inside the styling, design and engineering sector and  Bruno Ricciardelli marketing and management expert, skilled in production and engineering.

PFA & Partners srl stands out for the wide range of branches in which it acts: yacht design, industrial design, architecture and for its renowned capacity to combine the artisan soul of Made in Italy with the use of advanced technologies, which bring to cutting-edge design solutions.
Exclusiveness/ advanced technology/ style and design/ reliability represent  our strong points.

The challenge for PFA & Partners srl  is to provide a complete service that guarantees a qualitative supervision and a steady control for the progressive development of each project commissioned.

The result is an high quality product, obtained through time and resource optimizations, in addition to a daily collaboration between each single unit of the team. A team of expert designers able to satisfy, usual and potential client's needs.

Creative solutions and focused researches on innovative materials represent our tools to make custom-tailored projects and to grant client's desires.


> Reliable and unique partner for engineering and architectural complex 

> It provides a global support in technologies, and products.

> It makes ideas, become feasible looking to the future.


Experience together with knowledge and strength
of a firm and solid team
represent our core business:

- Passion for design
- Research of technical solutions
- Application of advanced technologies through cutting-edge softwares
- Customization and awareness towards shipyards' needs seek to realize
   products, spaces, atmosphere which go beyond dreams.


Pfa & Partners S.r.l Experience together with knowledge and strength of a firm and solid team represent our core business:
aims to combine style, design and engineering in a single company. In this way, we guarantee a uniform, highly supervised and cost-effective service that will satisfy all those Shipyards looking for a custom approach, that preserve the quality of Made in Italy in the same way.
Our Vision consists in create feelings, by making the concept become a real vision. This is the reason why, we believe functional design to be the keystone that will make the difference for the success of the product and its promotion.


Via delle Querce, 11 int. 1/2

61032 Fano (PU) - Italy-

 Tel e fax: +39 0721 825570
P.IVA/C.F 02585120419